Web Based Bid Matching

Today we want to highlight WebBMS, the newest version of our Lamlinks Bid Matching Service – Web Based Bid Matching. Our legacy version, Lamlinks3, is a desktop application that must be installed on every user’s desktop. It is easy to use and very powerful; however, it is not a networked product. Anyone who wants to review the daily file must have the Lamlinks3 software installed on their computer. Multiple users cannot share any changes or work done within the daily file.

WebBMS does not require any special software to access the daily files. All that’s necessary is a browser to access the Lamlinks website. This allows one to view the daily files from anywhere that there is internet access. This alternative is particularly helpful in situations where there are limitations on installing software on the user’s computer. Additionally, it is an ideal solution where more than one person needs to process the daily file because it allows all members of the team to see the same results.

Since both products derive from the customer’s search profile, the content is the same regardless if Lamlinks3 or WebBMS is being used. The display is similar in both products but there are subtle differences in functionality. Either way, all bid matching customers receive the same bid matching information – just in a different manner.

WebBMS notices are accessed from the Lamlinks website by clicking on the Bid Matching header on the menu bar. From the dropdown menu, select the My Notices link.

The My Notices form displays the list of the available notices, the date they were created and the number of items within each file. All columns in this form are enabled for sorting as indicated by the double arrows next to the column title. If you click on the header, the sequence will change to either ascending or descending order depending on the direction of the arrow. Clicking again will reverse the order. Notices are available on the web for approximately 30 days.

To view the contents of a notice, click on the date and the notice will open. Underneath the identifying information appears a grid that lists every line item in the notice together with supporting details in columns from left to right. Every column can be resorted in either ascending or descending order by clicking on the header.

With WebBMS hard hits are automatically sorted to the top when the notice is opened. This is a particularly useful feature since they might not appear for several pages in notices with large numbers of item. If you are not familiar with hard hits or the “S” select box, please refer to the Lamlinks3 Bid Matching blog, where this concept is discussed in more detail. The screenshot below shows an example of this feature.

In addition to sorting features, there are ways to further filter the notice. On the far right side of the form located above the three most right column headers is a box entitled Solicitation type. The drop down menu provides various choices of which solicitations you wish to view. Simply click on the desired option and only those items will be visible. All others will be hidden from sight. Check out the example below where only the Set-Aside solicitations are visible.

Results are filtered to display Set-Asides only. Hard Hits are still sorted to the top but now show only those that are Set-Asides.

There is also the ability to easily search the entire notice to locate a specific item within it. Enter the information in the search box and any match will be displayed. See the example below.

This result is from search for part number 166963-08. The list adjusts as characters are entered into the search bar.

To view the specific details of each line item, simply click on the solicitation link. The information returned is the same as that in the Parts search of the Online Library. It has the same active links and sorting capabilities as those in the Online Library. Online Library subscribers can navigate through the web notice in the same way as they would if accessing the data directly on the Online Library. Users who do not subscribe to the Online Library will only see the Agency link as active. Since that link connects to the host site, they will still be able to view the actual solicitation.

Finally, there is the ability to easily export and print information from the notice. To do so, select the desired group of solicitations from the Solicitation Type box and push the Export Items button. With one push, the desired data will be exported to a file in an excel format.

WebBMS has similar functionality to that found in the Lamlinks3 Bid Matching service. However, there are differences derived from the fact that it is a browser based product. If you think it would be a useful tool for your business or have additional questions, please contact us.

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